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Art Direction & Design, Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest

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Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco

A temporary Energy Space created in San Francisco’s Union Square, the goal was to elevate and educate the marathon running community in a way never before seen in the typical Expo style tent. Creating the ultimate destination for her. Once the graphic language was set I designed a premium, high-fashion styled environment to display the unique performance innovation technologies of the top 10 running and sportswear products of the season. The latest head-to-toe apparel, accessories, and footwear were showcased on-body in a disruptive “forest of light”, allowing people to engage and connect with both the product and the environment as they explored. To make a more interactive experience, a large digital welcome wall greeted each runner with a personalized message (via RFID chip in their race bib) along with scrolling social media screens that fed twitter and instagram posts tagged with the race’s #WERUNSF hashtag.


Creative Director – Byron Merritt
Senior Designer – Emily Duell
Graphic and Environmental Designer – Cory Roberts
Architect – Lois MacKenzie
Typographer – Dana Tanamachi
Space Photography – Mo Daoud